HR Policy

For Kod-A, the most important element of sustainable success is its human resources. Our Human Resources department aims to provide the highest level of employee satisfaction and corporate sense of belonging.

Our HR department’s primary duty is to provide the best possible opportunities for our employees and to ensure that they can work in a safe, healthy and peaceful environment. Each of our employees is a member of the large Kod-A family and is special to us.

Even though we work with experts in every field and level, we give importance to our employees with in-house trainings and invest in our employees in line with the principle of continuous improvement. We ensure the best quality of all the tools and equipment they need to perform their work in the best possible way.


Our Human Resources Management Principles:

  • We respect all the rights of our employees as defined by the law unconditionally and try to provide them with better conditions and rights.
  • In line with the principle of continuous improvement, we attach importance to in-house trainings.
  • We perform employee performance evaluation with objective methods.
  • We contribute from our employees in line with their professions, abilities and training.
  • We expect our employees to be aware of our mission and vision, and we want them to act in line with these principles.
  • We expect our employees to respect each other. While we attach importance to the hierarchical order required by professional business life, we want the superiors to have positive communication with their employees in the hierarchical system.
  • We pursue a fair remuneration policy and act responsibly in terms of social rights.


Oue Values

  • We are environment friendly, we love green.
  • We produce technology and follow developments closely.
  • We work customer-oriented, perfectionist in service.
  • We are open to innovation and development, we always look forward.
  • There are people in our focus, we are friendly employees.
  • We do not compromise our ethical values.
  • Honesty and fair approach are our basic principles.

With our approach that takes people to its center, new staff members who are compatible with our values, prone to teamwork and open to development are joining our rapidly growing staff. If you want to work with us and become a member of Kod-A family, you can send your CV to [email protected].