BPO & Consultancy

Specialist Staff Hire

Kod-A provides outsourcing to institutions and businesses in business process management.

Service bureau and physical archive projects require a serious workforce, but the need for this workforce is not continuous. Kod-A, the market leader in its sector, meets the temporary personnel needs of corporations and companies with its expert and experienced staff. Kod-A provides hardware, software, business process management and consultancy services as well as personnel hire (BPO).

All personnel obtained from Kod-A within the scope of BPO service are experts in their respective fields and go to institutions and enterprises with their special scanners. Kod-A personnel who complete the work in the shortest possible time and in the highest quality manner, also provide training to the employees of the institution they provide service upon request. In this way, institutions and businesses receiving service from Kod-A can also make their personnel qualified in this field.



The main advantages of BPO services provided by Kod-A are:

  • The process is carried out by Kod-A, an expert in the field and industry leader.
  • It saves time and effort in building the right team.
  • It saves the costs of a special scanner and other necessary equipment that will be required temporarily.
  • This saves the labor and time required for the personnel operations to be provided for the job.
  • Employees who are hired as temporary personnel have the risk of quitting if they find full-time employment. In addition, it is observed that their motivation has decreased significantly in the final stages of the project. In
  • BPO service provided by Kod-A, business processes are carried out consistently from beginning to end.
  • The invoice to be deducted as the service supply of the personnel is shown as an expense and provides tax advantage.
  • The systems used by the companies are optimized, business processes can be managed more easily, reportable and productivity increase is provided.




Some of the companies and corporations want to carry out physical archive and archive digitalization projects with their own personnel within their own structure for legal necessity or other reasons. Kod-A provides expert project manager support and consultancy services to these institutions and companies from the beginning to the end of the project.

It is also possible that there is a lack of software, hardware and equipment in the firms that receive consultancy services. The expert project managers of Kod-A identify the deficiencies of the firms they provide consultancy and make the necessary suggestions in order to eliminate these deficiencies in the most appropriate way. In case of demand, our expert personnel providing consultancy services provide practical and theoretical trainings to the corporate personnel or personnel who are considered to manage the business process after that during the business process management.