ABBYY FlexiCapture SDK

ABBYY FlexiCapture SDK enables software developers to quickly create applications that extract meaning from documents. FlexiCapture SDK is ideal for system integrators, developers, and service providers who want to integrate powerful data capture capabilities into their solutions. Through the use of ABBYY’s machine learning and AI, end customers are able to process more transactions, faster, and with fewer errors, improving customer service, reducing costs, and making smarter process decisions.

FlexiCapture SDK, as a delivery option of the FlexiCapture platform, provides developers with a powerful and flexible toolkit to smoothly integrate ABBYY’s industry-leading data capture technologies to empower their own products and services according to vertical market needs.




Data capture for all document types

ABBYY FlexiCapture SDK provides tools for extracting data from fixed forms and from semi-structured and unstructured documents. All required data can be quickly located and extracted in an appropriate format.


Advanced document classification

Build-in document classification allows developers to create the classifier from scratch, train the classifier based on verification results, and implement learning by feedback to improve classification accuracy results.


Out-of-the-box invoice, receipt, and PO processing

FlexiCapture SDK provides ready-to-implement projects for invoice, purchase orders and receipt processing. Main fields are extracted out of the box, without the need for any additional configuration.


Learning by feedback

FlexiCapture SDK allows developers to implement training for field extraction and classification processes. Based on feedback provided by the end user, this technology dramatically improves accuracy of field extraction and classification.


API-based setup

FlexiCapture API allows developers to set up processing from scratch without using visual tools. For instance, they can create a blank project, then create the document definition, process and train the system, or they can build their own tools for administration of FlexiCapture projects.


Intelligent data extraction

Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology automates the identification and extraction of content from unstructured documents like contracts, leases, emails, and correspondence. By leveraging NLP, you can now automate the extraction of data from complex documents along with structured and semi-structured documents, helping to accelerate transactions while significantly reducing operating costs and errors.