Archive Digitization

Service Bureau Service is the process of scanning documents, books, correspondence, hardcover documents and similar documents belonging to companies and institutions and transferring them to the computer environment by entering data.

Service Bureau services are divided into two, depending on where the service is provided. Kod-A provides both service bureau services in the best quality, fast and reliable way that is worthy of being the leader company of the sector.



On-site Service

An important part of the service bureau services provided by Kod-A is On-site Service Bureau Services. On-site service bureau is an ideal solution for businesses and institutions that do not want their documents to go outside.

The expert staff of Kod-A provides on-site service bureau services in the area allocated to the organization / company with its equipment and software. It is important that the physical conditions of the space allocated for this work are compatible with parameters such as quantity and duration of the project. Kod-A provides the necessary information and provides consultancy services.


Service at Our Site

Kod-A has service bureau offices designed in accordance with service bureau services in Istanbul and Ankara and Digital Archive City in Izmir. Strong and secure Internet connection with Metro Ethernet and VPN connection, proper physical conditions for service bureau service and proximity to Kod-A technical team are important advantages of our service bureau services. The services we provide at our site also offer a low cost advantage.



A standard service bureau service consists of the following steps:

Separation of Documents: The documents in the files subject to the service bureau service are first made ready for the scanning process. Materials that may cause problems in scanners such as staples and paper clips in documents are removed and separators are placed between different documents in the file. Pages that do not need to be scanned are set aside, and the documents to be scanned are arranged to pass easily through the scanner.

Document Scanning: The edited documents are scanned with professional document scanners and transferred to computer environment. Documents up to A3 are usually scanned with automatic paper-fed document scanners. Scanners used at this stage can scan between 40 and 100 pages per minute. These scanners include features such as duplex / detection, duplex scanning, and automatic image enhancement.

Image Enhancement: At this stage, algorithms that improve the quality of scanned images are applied. These operations can be performed by software or image processing cards. With so-called virtual rescan methods, the ideal image parameters for each page are automatically applied without the need to rescan.

Indexing: In this step search / sorting criteria are entered for documents. These criteria may include information such as file number, customer name, number, document type, number of documents, date. The process of merging the pages and separating the documents from each other on the digital forms of the documents passing through the document scanning is also performed at this stage.

Quality Control: Quality control is the most important stage of service bureau services. Various errors may occur due to the processing of too many documents in a short time. Documents that have incorrectly entered or not scanned cannot be accessed from the computer, so data and documents must be transferred without error. In the quality control phase, possible errors are detected and corrected by separate quality control procedures after scanning and indexing processes.

Transfer: The process is completed by saving scanned, image-processed, data-entered documents to document archive systems.


Advantages of Archive Digitization System

Allows multiple people to access information simultaneously.
It is prevented that the documents, which are required to be permanently original, are worn out due to frequent use.
If the information on the document is needed, it saves the time needed to remove the document from the archive and increases the productivity.