Thanks to GreenDocs EDAYS (Integrated Document and Archive Management System), your employees can easily find the documents they are looking for, either paper or electronic, from their computers, access and share them within the framework of their authority.



Structure and Advantages of GreenDocs EDAYS

Open Architecture: One of the most important features of GreenDocs EDAYS is that it has an open architecture. This ensures that the system can be easily integrated with the software and hardware components available in the institution in an integrated solution.

Scalability: GreenDocs EDAYS is used in the biggest public and private sector projects of the sector such as Vodafone, General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs in our country with its high scalability feature. With GreenDocs EDAYS, it is also possible to start and grow with small projects.

Web Architecture: GreenDocs DYS (Document Management System) is based on web architecture. Thus, there is no need to install any program on your computer. Desktop client is offered as an option. In addition to its responsive design, it can be installed on Android and iOS based devices with its mobile application.

Distributed Architecture: Thanks to its capabilities such as “load balancing” and “remote cache server”, GreenDocs DYS (Document Management System) has a great performance in distributed structures.

Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) Support: GreenDocs DYS (Document Management System) supports popular Relational Database Management Systems (MS SQL Server, ORACLE, DB2, ODBC, etc.).

Service Bureau Module: With this module, you can both digitize your archives and perform your daily document digitization functions. The GreenDocs Service Bureau Module’s ability to directly record to Kod-A and GreenDocs Archive Management Systems, which are widely used in the industry, is another unique advantage of the product. In this way, there is no need for integration and transfer processes that require high cost and time. The service bureau module consists of the following components:

Scanning module: Thanks to its bundle-based scanning feature, high volume document scanning operations are made easier. You can divide the documents to be scanned into bundles on file basis and carry out the whole operation in the next image processing, OCR, indexing and transfer steps. Easy pack management is one of the main factors that increase archive digitization efficiency.

Image Processing Module: Image processing module has the following features:

  • Deskew: Some pages have a certain degree of shift to the right or left. Such slips cause the document to appear crooked or oblique. GreenDocs has the ability to correct such drift automatically and manually.
  • Improvement: With functions such as spot removal, spot removal, image sharpening, the page image is reached to maximum legibility.
  • Color management and color removal features improve image quality.
  • Image editing: User can perform the following editing functions:
    • Rotate: Rotate the image by + -90, 180 degrees or certain degrees
    • Zoom-in operations (general with focus increase and decrease, and local by holding a magnifying glass)
    • Cropping

OCR Module: GreenDocs’ powerful Turkish OCR engine enables converting paper documents into editable text and subjecting them to full text search. GreenDocs’ own OCR engine can be used as well as ABBYY FineReader OCR engine which we are Turkey distributor of it. This situation gives strength to GreenDocs in Turkish OCR and text analysis.

Barcode Module: Thanks to the barcode module, barcode label design, printing, association with asset types and storage elements are performed. In this way, barcode labels can be affixed to files and documents and archive storage elements. This prevents manual errors as it automates the physical location addressing. All standard barcode types 1-D and 2-D are supported.

Physical Archive Management Module: Thanks to this module, the physical addresses of the files in the archives are managed with barcode and RFID based automation. Borrowing, lending, returning, borrowing request, return request, document delivery-receipt operations integrated with the system and with barcode; It has advantages such as efficiency in document search processes and reduction of document loss.

Easy Search Options and Full Text Search: The advanced search module of GreenDocs DYS (Document Management System) has fast search and detailed search options. It is possible to perform both structural search and full text search in both alternatives. Structural search is a search according to the index information (document type, author, subject, note, date, etc.) entered while saving the document. In full text search, the text in the document content can be searched. In this way, you can find the document with the word or phrase in it. Thanks to its powerful OCR engine, it also has the ability to search full text over scanned documents.

Authorization: With the GreenDocs DYS System Administrator Module, it is possible to make detailed authorization adjustments according to user groups and document groups. GreenDocs DYS Authorization Module can be integrated with Active Directory, popular LDAP servers and Operating System security.

Detailed History Support: Thanks to the history of a document, the phases of that document, the transactions it has seen, and who performed these operations on which date and time can be seen. In this way, it can be seen who accessed a document, when it gave approval or changed it.

Flexibility: User interfaces and configurations can be made easily with GreenDocs DYS Admin Modules.

Common File Format Support: GreenDocs DYS (Document Management System) supports all common file formats. (JPEG, GIF, PDF, TIFF, Word, Excel, etc.)

Powerful Image Processing Support: With the GreenDocs Capture Scanning and Image Processing System, paper documents are managed by GreenDocs DYS (Document Management System). It supports GreenDocs Capture Twain and ISIS drivers as standard.

Annotation Feature: Notes can be made on the document and drawings can be made so that the original state of the documents is not damaged. Authorization can also be made on the notes. In this way, only authorized persons can view some notes, authorized persons can change them whenever they want.

Integration: Thanks to the GreenDocs DYS (Document Management System) open architecture, it can be easily integrated with all kinds of programs and platforms. It has strong API / SDK support for custom application development.

Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM): With the GreenDocs DYS HSM module, you can give your documents storage criteria that they will comply with throughout their life cycle and you can manage online / off-line (on-line, near-line, off-line) storage management.

Other: GreenDocs DYS; It has all of the standard features of document management systems such as version control, “chek-in / out”, “combined document”.

For more information, you can review the user guide.