Who are we?

We are document expert since 2006. We lead the sector.

We Develop Software

We are developing our GreenDocs product known for its speed and security. With the development of technology, we update our products.

We Provide Services

We digitize your documents and physically archive and preserve them in our Digital Archive City located in Izmir. We plan your digitalization chart and provide consultancy with our expert staff.

GreenDocs EDAYS

Easier to Use
Reachable and accessibility. Detailed instruction book and technical support.
Full privacy policy and high security measures.
Quick Scan
The fastest and most optimized software product in the industry.
Easy access from all devices with desktop, web and mobile application versions.

What are we doing?

We manage digital and physical archiving processes in its entirety.
Your documents are archived and preserved in our Digital Archive City.
Your physical documents are digitized.
Your archiving and digitization process is managed.
Kod-A is the Only Technology Distributor of the world-famous ABBYY company in Turkey.

Why Kod-A Bilişim?

We are the leader of the sector since 2013.
On-site Service Bureau

On-site Service Bureau

On-site service bureau service is an ideal solution for businesses and institutions that do not want their documents to leave their bodies.
Service at Our Site

Service at Our Site

Proximity to the Kod-A technical and support team is one of the most important advantage of the service office services we provide at our place.
Digital Archive City

Digital Archive City

Kod-A has established digital archive cities which is a unique concept for managing and digitizing voluminous documents.
Expert Staff

Expert Staff

Kod-A meets the requirement the temporary personnel needs of institutions and companies with its expert and experienced staff.
GreenDocs Integrated Document and Archive Management System

With many layers of security, your official documents are in safe hands.


Your digitization process is very short with the fastest program in the industry.

With this module, you can both digitize your archives and perform your daily document digitization functions. The GreenDocs Service Bureau Module’s ability to directly record to Kod-A and GreenDocs Archive Management Systems, which are widely used in the industry, is another unique advantage of the product. In this way, there is no need for integration and transfer processes that require high cost and time.

Thanks to its bundle-based scanning feature, high volume document scanning operations are made easier. You can divide the documents to be scanned into bundles on file basis and carry out the whole operation in the next image processing, OCR, indexing and transfer steps. Easy pack management is one of the main factors that increase archive digitization efficiency.

GreenDocs powerful Turkish OCR engine enables converting paper documents into editable text and subjecting them to full text search. GreenDocs’ own OCR engine can be used as well as ABBYY FineReader OCR engine which we are Turkey distributor of it. This situation gives strength to GreenDocs in Turkish OCR and text analysis.

Thanks to this module, the physical addresses of the files in the archives are managed with barcode and RFID based automation. Borrowing, lending, returning, borrowing request, return request, document delivery-receipt operations integrated with the system and with barcode; It has advantages such as efficiency in document search processes and reduction of document loss.

Contact Us

+90 (212) 276 52 97
Maslak, İTÜ Ayazağa Kampüsü, ARI-1 Teknokent No:10, 34467 Sarıyer/İstanbul