Physical Archiving

Institutions produce documents and papers at every stage of their activities. The continuous increase in these documents and papers poses many difficulties. The most basic solution to the problem is to get professional external services in terms of archive storage and records management.



Advantages of Kod-A Archive Storage and Records Management:

  • Documents do not disappear, loss due to loss of documents is eliminated.
  • Quick access to records saves time and increases productivity.
  • Costs are reduced (storage space cost, archive management operational costs, transport costs, etc.).
  • It facilitates identification of documents to be disposed of and reduces the costs of archive storage.
  • Saves physical space, refreshes working environments.
  • Provides audit adequacy and minimizes the risk of litigation.
  • Preserves corporate memory.

Kod-A Archive Storage and Records Management services include the following steps:

  1. Kod-A experts analyze the organization’s data, record and archive structure and models the records management system and workflow.
  2. Kod-A receives the documents as the first stage of the solution model.
  3. Documents are boxed and placed on shelves with barcode system developed by Kod-A.
  4. The required documents are delivered as soon as possible.
  5. Requested documents are scanned and sent immediately.
  6. Disposal of documents is carried out according to the storage plan or demand.
  7. All record management services can be provided through the cloud application.
  8. Kod-A has established a unique concept in Turkey for digitizing services which is called digital archive city in order to store the voluminous records, manage and digitize them . The Digital Archive City building meets global records management standards.

Founded in 2012 by Kod-A in Izmir, Digital Archive City aims to be the largest in Europe.



Features of Our Facility

The common features of our facilities built from scratch by Kod-A under the brand of Digital Archive City are as follows:

  • 7X24 on-duty security system.
  • Fingerprint controlled entry system.
  • Closed circuit camera system.
  • The archive building, located 10 meters from the nearest neighboring building.
  • Facility surrounded by thick walls and barbed wire.
  • Shelf systems in accordance with International Archiving Standards.
  • Earthquake resistant construction and shelf systems.
  • Special lift system for shelves of any height.
  • Sprinkler automatic fire extinguishing system in NFPA standard.
  • Sprinkler system with dry pipe.
  • Smoke detectors.
  • Fire detection system with air sampling.
  • Spare fire fighting devices (fire hoses, gas extinguishers).
  • Temperature and humidity control system.
  • Temperature and humidity adjustment system.
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certificates.