ABBYY Mobile Capture

A premium mobile onboarding process offers your customers a frictionless way to capture and provide self-servicing trailing document to increase retention rates. Power your app with Mobile Capture and deliver exceptional customer experiences by making mobile document capture easy for your customers with a simple process: point and capture. ABBYY Mobile Capture is an SDK which offers automatic data capture within your mobile app, providing real-time recognition and capturing photos of documents for on-device or back-end processing.



Point and capture

Automatically captures the best-quality image suitable for further back-end processing.


Automatic document detection

Automatically detects boundaries, crops the document, and corrects its perspective.


On-device OCR

Automatically recognizes text, either from a static image or from the camera preview screen, when the user simply points the camera at the document or object.


Customizable data capture

Extracts any specific data from a document by setting a regular expression describing the required content. Capture machine readable zones (MRZs) or international bank account numbers (IBANs) by simply applying predefined profiles.