ABBYY Mobile Web Capture

Crafting a seamless customer experience is essential today. Companies are still slow in adopting the use of technology to provide a smooth experience. ABBYY Mobile Web Capture is a JavaScript based SDK that can be embedded into your on-boarding processes to automatically capture any document using a mobile camera within a webpage. Just point your device’s camera at a document and Mobile Web Capture does all the work – no clicks or adjustments required. It is a frictionless process that helps to provide the best possible quality images to turn into business ready data.



Automatic image capture

Mobile Web Capture allows your customers to automatically capture images of documents using their mobile device to complete transactions using their mobile web browser without the need to physically snap a picture.

Automatic document detection

Because of the intuitive capabilities built into Mobile Web Capture, the software automatically detects the ideal time to capture an image best suitable for OCR.


Automatic pre-processing

Mobile Web Capture optimizes image quality by automatically detecting boundaries, cropping the document, correcting its perspective.


Enabling Content Intelligence

ABBYY Content Intelligence automatically makes customer information available to enterprise