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Edit Entity

  1. The entity which must edit can be found by searching.
  2. By pressing the edit button the edit screen will appear below.

  1. After clicking the Edit button, the editing screen shown above.
  2. If the entity which wants to edit has a parent entity ( folder – aggregate ) is shown.
  3. The basic fields of the entity can be edited.
  4. If the entity is a document, the document fields are shown.
  5. If the entity is a document, the components of this document ( pdf,rar,mp4 etc. ) are shown.
  6. A component of the entity can be deleted.
  7. A new component can be added to the entity.
  8. By clicking the save button to save and return to the search screen.
  9. By clicking save and next button, you can go to the editing screen of the next document.

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