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User Description


  1. This is the list of metadata for users: Name, Surname, Username, E-mail, Phone, Department, Status. The column headers can be set by the system administrator.
  2. Pressing the Switch changes the selected user’s status. (Active – Passive, Passive – Active) Also, it shows the active-passive status of user. (You can’t use reset password and edit buttons for passive or deleted users.)
  3. Pressing the Reset Password button changes the selected user’s password.
  4. Press the Edit button to edit the records.
  5. Press the Delete button to remove a user from the system. Users with active documents cannot be deleted from the system. All documents must be transferred first. (You can’t use reset password and edit buttons for passive users.)
  6. Pressing the Get Back button, you can get back the deleted user to the system.
  7. Pressing the Destroy button, you can Destroy selected users from Database.
  8. By checking the Show Deleted Users checkbox, you can show deleted users in the grid.
  9. If the list is too long, the filter button is pressed to list only the desired user or users. When the button is pressed, the list is filtered from the set of criteria.
  10. Press this button to transfer the list on the screen to the Excel document.
  11. The field used to search for the user by entering any information belonging to the user.

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