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Role Definition


  1. The role list includes the role name, the expiry date, state and Access Control List of the role.
  2. If the checkbox is checked, the system shows deleted roles.
  3. The Access control list of the connected roles displays by pressing the Access Control key.
  4. Pressing the Switch changes selected role status. (Active – Passive, Passive – Active) Also, it shows the active-passive status of the role. (You can’t edit the passive or deleted role.)
  5. Pressing the Edit button changes the information of the selected role.
  6. Pressing the Delete button will remove the role from the system.
  7. Pressing Get Back button will get back the role of the system and makes it active.
  8. Pressing the Destroy button will destroy the role of the database.
  9. The column-based section used to search.

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